Troubleshooting Demo Data Import Errors

There are some cases, the import proces might fail. This is usually caused by your hosting configurations which might conflict with the way WordPress running the import. Luckily, we have a few tips to fix these issues.

Execution time limit

Some servers have short execution time limit by default. In some cases, the import process is aborted due to this time limitation. You can adjust the time limit from your PHP server configuration, or you could use WP Maximum Execution Time Limit Exceeded plugin.

"Failed to import ..."

That means some recommended plugins which is mandatory for the data haven't been installed. That's why we suggested that you install all the required plugins before you import the demo data.

There are chances, that you have installed all the required plugins and still got a long list of "Failed to import ..." errors. In this case, there is a tricky solution:

  1. Find the XML file on the theme package.
  2. Compress the XML file into a .gzip file (or .gz file) using 7zip application on Windows.
  3. Try to re-import using the new .gzip file.

Blank screen while importing

It is usually caused by PHP error.  If you have activated the WP_DEBUG mode, and see this error message on your Tools > Import page:

Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class WXR_Parser_Regex in xxxxx\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-importer\parsers.php on line 408
Strict Standards: Declaration of WP_Import::bump_request_timeout() should be compatible with WP_Importer::bump_request_timeout($val) in xxxxx\wp-content\plugins\wordpress-importer\wordpress-importer.php on line 38

You need to go to Plugins > Editor and select WordPress Importer plugin. Edit 2 files as mentioned here: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/24373/24373.diff. Please change the red block into the green block.

Try to import the demo data again.