[Primrose] WooCommerce Product Images (Lightbox / Stacked / Slider)

By default, WooCommerce product images are presented using an interactive lightbox (popup gallery) module. Since version 1.2, Primrose comes with 3 options of product images gallery model:

  • Default (WooCommerce lightbox setting)
  • Stacked
  • Slider

To set global galelry model (affects all product posts), you can find the configuration under Appearance > Customize > Shop > Product images gallery model. Optionally, you can also use different gallery model for each product. To do so, please edit your product, find the metabox on the sidebar with the "Gallery Mode" option. You can choose whether the product would follow the global configuration (from Customizer) or use specific model.

WooCommerce Lightbox settings

You can disable / enable the lightbox feature from WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display. Find "Enable Lightbox for product images" option and make sure it's checked if you want to enable the lightbox module.