[Jack & Rose] Setting Scrolling Navigation (Header Menu)

Scrolling navigation is used on one-page landing page where you clicked a link on the menu, the page would scroll to the particular section. To activate the scrolling navigation, folow these steps:

  1. Edit your landing page and make sure you are in the Page Builder mode. Click Edit (wrench icon) on the row (section) where you want the navigation scroll to.
  2. In the right panel, click on Attributes tab, and find the Anchor ID option. Fill it with a unique sluf-format name. e.g. "events", or "gallery".
  3. Click Done, and Update the page.
  4. Now navigate to Appearances > Menus, where you need to create the link in your menu.
  5. Create a new link using Custom Link type. Fill the URL with your one-page URL and add a hashtag and the Anchor ID from your section in the page. e.g. http://domain.com/#events or http://domain.com/#gallery.
  6. Done!

If you used our demo data import feature, you already have the home page integrated with the scrolling navigation.