Theme Demo Data Import

Demo data import feature is intended for fresh installation only. Before running demo data import, please make sure you have these conditions:

  • You haven't created any new posts / pages other than the default ones included on the WordPress fresh installation.
  • You have installed and activated all the Required Plugins recommended by the theme on theme installation.
  • If you installed WooCommerce plugin, please ignore the initial Setup Wizard, by clicking "Not right now" button. This might cause duplicate pages when you imported demo data.

Before you import the demo data, it is recommended to turn on the WP_DEBUG mode on wp-config.php file on your WordPress installation directory. It's useful when the improt process hit errors, you need to know the type of the error occured for resolving it. You should turn off this WP_DEBUG mode after you finished with the demo data import.

If you find any error while importing, there are chances that it's because of your hosting configuration. Please read this article to get the quick solution.

One Click Demo Data Import

This feature is only available on some of our themes, because not all of SingleStroke's themes require complex demo data. Themes which are using this feature are:

  • Primrose
  • Jack & Rose

The One Click Demo Data Import feature allows you to clone our demo site content into your own site with only ONE CLICK. This could be really helpful if you want to start your site quickly or you want to have the same looks as our demo site. Make sure you have already installed all the required plugins list, otherwise the One Click Demo Data Import menu can't be found. After you installed the plugins, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data.
  2. Choose the demo data choice you wish (if available) and then click the "Import Demo Data" button. Yes it's a ONE CLICK!

The process would take a while, please wait and don't close the browser tab. After finished, you can check your home page. Voila!

** Please note that some images might be converted to gray images due to a copyright policy from the owner.